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Транспорт: Bicycle Walking
This trip will show you the insides of Bangkok from the local prospective. See how people live and work from behind the scenes.


As tourists all know Bangkok is famous for its gorgeous shopping places with cheap price, high quality products and very friendly shopkeepers. However, the secret is that you are still able to negotiate to have better price... if you can speak Thai.

It's honestly incredible to think about how to buy whatever you want with amazing low price as well as enjoy delicious street food. Local markets are always more welcome, less busy, more stocks available than tourism hot-spots. I take you from wholesale markets to night one, in case you would like to try local food market, let's go ahead and enjoy.

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  • Bicycle
  • Water bottles for each person and light 1 meal local snack.
  • Transportation fare
  • Gifts and shopping fee
  • For cancellation, please inform 2 days before otherwise half price is paid.
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